This form should be completed on your computer and then sent by clicking the "Send" button at the end of the form.

The company address (Registered Office address) can be supplied at £180.00 per year. Tick the appropriate box if you want this facility or complete the company address details as requested.

UK private limited companies need a minimum of 1 shareholder and 1 director. A company secretary is optional. In the case of one member (shareholder) companies, the shareholder may also be the director or secretary. If required, we can provide a company secretary at £130.00 per year.

When you have sent us your duly completed order form, we will check your choice of name and other details. When we have confirmed the choice of name is available (or not) we will send an E-Mail reply to the E-Mail address given on the form.

If there are no problems the E-Mail will specify the details of your order and give you a payment reference and choice of payment methods. When your payment is confirmed/received your order will be promptly processed - normally within 2 working days. Once the company has been incorporated we will send an E-Mail with the company incorporation details. We will send by registered post 3 bound copies of the Company Memorandum & Articles of Association and the Certificate of Incorporation. We will certify one of these copies in the capacity of Incorporation Agent.

If there are problems with your order, our E-Mail reply will advise what they are.

Questions concerning director 1:

Director 1 Family name Forename(s)

Director 1 Address

Director 1 Date of birth Town of birth

Director 1 Nationality Occupation

Director 1 Eye Colour Phone number

Director 1 E-Mail address

Questions concerning director 2 (Optional):

Director 2 Family name Forename(s)

Director 2 Address

Director 2 Date of birth Town of birth

Director 2 Nationality Occupation

Director 2 Eye Colour Phone number

Items ordered:

Limited company at £240.00

Company address (Registered office) facility (12 months) at £180.00

Company Secretary (12 months) at £130.00

Give two choices for the proposed company name below. They should end in LTD or LIMITED.

Proposed company name 1

Proposed company name 2

If you have not requested our Company address (Registered office) facility please complete the questions below concerning the proposed company address:

Proposed company address - Postcode

Proposed company address - Line 1

Proposed company address - Line 2

Proposed company address - Town

Proposed company address - County

If you have not requested our Company Secretary facility please complete the questions below concerning the Secretary (Not obligatory):

Secretary - Family name Forename(s)

Secretary - Address

Secretary town of birth

Secretary Eye Colour Phone number

Issued capital of company made up of ordinary shares of 1.00 each

Questions concerning Shareholder 1:

Shareholder 1 Family name Forename(s)

Shareholder 1 Address

Shareholder 1 Town of birth Phone number

Shareholder 1 Eye Colour Number of shares taken

Questions concerning Shareholder 2 (Optional):

Shareholder 2 Family name Forename(s)

Shareholder 2 Address

Shareholder 2 Town of birth Phone number

Shareholder 2 Eye Colour Number of shares taken